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Christmas Appetizer - Cranberry Feta Pinwheels - Click for Recipe

Perfect Christmas Appetizers - Cranberry, Feta, Cream Cheese, Green Onion made Yum! Used extra cranberries and green onions, also added some sour cream to make it a bit more spreadable. Tasty little apps!

SALSA PINWHEELS	   3 to 4 flour tortillas  8 oz. cream cheese softened in microwave  1/2 c. picante or salsa  12 to 15 black olives chopped  ½ cup shredded cheddar cheese  Chopped green onion (optional)    Mix softened cream cheese with olives and about 1/2 cup picante (or to suit your taste, mine comes out a pretty orange color).  Sprinkle w/cheddar cheese and chopped onion.  Spread on flour tortillas and roll up. Refrigerate overnight and slice tortillas every 1/2 inch to form pinwheel…

Mexican Pinwheels - but I add 4 oz sour cream to mixture, and leave out green onions, add a little more shredded cheese to mixture, and have a few extra tortillas on hand. and of course, have salsa to dip