The Making of a Global Icon: Golden Gate Bridge Construction...this is a metaphor for something I feel is crucial in a leader, the ability to build bridges between people and  communities in order to continue a journey. That requires patience and a genuine belief in the value of listening.

Footbridge ropes stretch across the Golden Gate during the construction of the bridge, September, 1935 [photograph]

This struck me as truth. I believe leaders need purpose, determination, and the courage to take some risks.

CHANTE: Gordon B. Hinkley: You will come to know that what appears today to be a sacrifice will prove instead to be the greatest investment that you will ever make.

U2's Bono in Africa. Here's what vision can do. A simple musician, son of a postal worker, has gone on to use his celebrity in support of over 50 different charities; he is working feverishly to help eradicate AIDS in Africa, and has worked to achieve debt relief for numerous countries that would otherwise languish under financial burden for generations. He is someone whose contributions students will read about many years from now, as his legacy unfolds.

Bono's Big Idea

Rock star and activist Bono unveils one of his biggest ideas yet to help end the AIDS crisis in Africa.

I believe integrity is an important quality in a leader; if I don't hold myself to the same or higher standard as the rest of the group, my credibility vanishes.

Sunset in Ibiza (San Antonio), Spain. The idea is a simple one, you sit by the shore and admire the stunning sunset to a backdrop of ambient and eclectic music provided by the DJ in the bar. Café del Mar is now hugely famous around the world for its chil

This is President Obama with comedy duo Key and Peele. They've done countless edgy impersonations of him, which he told them he loves. Obama has also turned out to have some skilled comedy chops of his own during annual White House Correspondents Dinners. Not everyone will agree, but to me, the ability to laugh at yourself, and have a good sense of humour, is a valuable leadership quality.

I sincerely hope that President Obama appreciates it when Key and Peele let loose in the TV oval office.