Canadian Beaver Tail Fried Pastries

Canadian Beaver Tails with Canadian Maple Syrup. I have no idea what a Canadian Beaver Tail is but it looks tasty. Need a French Translation.

Soft and Chewy Brown Sugar Maple Cookies - Two types of brown sugar and maple syrup give these soft, buttery cookies an incredible caramel-ey flavor!

Ricardo Cuisine helps you find that perfect Easter recipe, from great family meals to delicious chocolatey desserts.

Recette de grands-pères dans le sirop d'érable toute simple et rapide à faire

Les minis cornets à l'érable

Bacon épicé à l'érable

Recette de fèves au lard au sirop d'érable toute simple et rapide à faire

This Maple Walnut Fudge is my idea of fudge perfection: oh so sweet, fabulously smooth and utterly creamy, bright with gorgeous maple flav.