Voor de eerste schooldag: iedereen vult de boom aan met zijn duimafdruk en de leerkracht hangt de boom in een mooi lijstje op een duidelijk zichtbare plek, om te herinneren dat we allemaal vrienden zijn en samen een geheel vormen.

"Leaf" your thumbprint with this alternative to a regular guest book. Have a custom guest book fingerprint tree made just for you. This Guest book fingerprint tree is perfect for weddings, baby showers, anniversary's, and and family event.


Watercolor Painting: Watercolor Flower Painting -- Art Print -- Bright and Sunny Day -- Red Flowers -- 5x7

& and Sunny Day& This piece is a fine art giclee print of Jennifer Comstock& original watercolor painting and depicts a garden of red flowers against a white background speckled with blues.

Anzac day poppy craft for kids using paper plates.

Anzac Day poppy craft made from paper plates

Paper Plate Poppies from Australia where their day of remembrance is called Anzac Day : Anzac day poppy craft for kids using paper plates.

Restored WWI Trenches, Sanctuary Wood, Ypres, Belgium

Original Trenches Sanctuary Wood, Ypres, it's a really strange feeling to walk inside of them. Makes you really think about what all those soldiers had to go trough. Especially when if the belgian weather strikes again History and WWI

11 poppy crafts for the 11th remembrance day

11 poppy crafts, art or food for remembrance day

Remembrance Day Poppy Wreath Elementary school art project

A great art project for remembrance day. This poppy wreath can become a collection of wreaths used at school marches and wreath placements in celebration of remembrance day.

World War I

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German troops wearing gas masks and throwing hand grenades, 23 Apr The Most Powerful Images Of World War I.