UNICEF Report: Canada's Doing An Even Worse Job For The Country's Poorest Children

According to a new UNICEF report, Canada is one of the most unequal societies when it comes to children and youth. The global study, “Report Card Fairness for Children,” looked at child inequalit.

Unlike many of our OECD brethren, Canada does not currently levy an inheritance, estate or wealth tax of any sort. That has to change, argues Carter Vance.

When the top fifth of Canadians are worth times the lower fifth, it's time for a wealth tax

Ontario's Basic Income Experiment Coming This Fall

TORONTO — A single paragraph buried in the Ontario budget could mean big changes in the lives of some of the province's most impoverished residents by giving them a guaranteed minimum income.

Think TTIP is a threat to democracy? There’s another trade deal that’s already signed | Nick Dearden | Opinion | The Guardian

Think TTIP is a threat to democracy? There’s another trade deal that’s already signed

If you needed proof that trade agreements are just an excuse to hand big business power at our expense, look no further than Ceta, a deal between the EU and Canada

A most unpublic 'public hearing' on the TPP | The Council of Canadians

The House of Commons standing committee on international trade landed in Richmond (Vancouver) today for supposed 'public hearings' on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Chrystia Freeland's 'Public' TPP Consultations Are Anything But

On the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), International Trade minister Chrystia Freeland has claimed to be in “listening mode.

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives' annual Alternative Federal Budget deserves more attention than ever, now that we have a government that has affinity for at least some of its ideas.

With free tuition and ambitious tax measures, Alternative Budget dares Liberals to think big