by Lawren Harris, member of the Group of Seven

"Winter Sunrise" by member of the Group of Seven Canadian painters, Lawren Harris, 1915

Lawren Harris "The Pines"

'Pine' - Lawren Harris (Lawren Stewart Harris, CC) was a Canadian painter. He was born in Brantford, Ontario & is best known as a member of the Group of Seven who pioneered a distinctly Canadian painting style in the early twentieth century.

Lawren Harris - Isolation Peak (Rocky Mountains) -- 1930 (via ISO50 [aka Tycho {aka Scott Hansen}])

The Group of Seven: Lawren Harris

Lawren Harris - Isolation Peak (Rocky Mountains) -- 1930 (via [aka Tycho {aka Scott Hansen}])

Pic Island, Lake Superior - Lawren Harris

Lawren Harris - Pic Island, c. 1924 - Oil on canvas, x cm, McMichael Canadian Art Collection

Lawren Harris, Ice House.  As a child I loved all the smoothness of Lawren Harris' paintings.  He was my first favourite painter.

Lawren Harris - "Ice House, Coldwell, Lake Superior", 1923 This is an incredibale painting.

Lawren Harris Biography & Paintings - The Group of Seven - The Art History Archive

transistoradio: “ Lawren Harris, Mount Robson from the Northeast oil on canvas. Via Art History Archive.

Afternoon Sun, Lake Superior by Lawren Harris, 1924

Monday's Muse: Lawren Harris

igormaglica: “ Lawren Harris Afternoon Sun, North Shore, Lake Superior, oil on canvas, x cm ”

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