Healthy Homemade Granola Bars - Red and Honey

Healthy Homemade Granola Bars

granolabars - Healty homemade no bake granola bars! cup almond butter cup virgin coconut oil cup honey (raw is best) 2 cup oats 2 cups total of any add-ins you’d like (such as chopped nuts, dried fruit, dark chocolate bits etc).

Homemade Healthy Granola Bars (Not low in calories but super healthy)

Homemade Healthy Granola Bars

If you're on the go and need a healthy snack, makes your own muesli/granola bars for yourself and your family! They are loaded with natural fiber and protein to

Food for Thought: Super-Powered Granola Bars

I think I have died and gone to heaven. Our naturopath gave me this recipe during our appointment for Chloé the other day.