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Geum Urbanum - known as Wood Avens, the herb Bennet, Colewort and St. Benedict's herb - is a perennial plant in the rose family which grows in shady places in Europe and the Middle East (photo by Frank Dereralso)


A Pine Grosbeak.) A Large Finch Found in Coniferous Woods Across The Western Mountains of The USA, Canada, Scandinavia & Siberia.


A magnificent Gyrfalcon! The Gyrfalcon breeds on Arctic coasts and the islands of North America, Europe, and Asia.

Love in the air.

Long tailed finch - Love in the air. The long-tailed finch inhabits open woodland across northern Australia.


Sapphire Gemstones This sapphire crystal reveals the typical natural shape of corundum crystals.


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Fluorite from Illinois

- * Fluorite * - 5 cm x 5 cm x 4 cm - Rosiclare, Hardin County, Illinois -