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This is not one of ours, but a good representation of what the Keeshond puppies look like. How could we have possibly resisted?

This puppy looks so much like the one we had when she was a puppy, she was adorable, sweet and loved to go everywhere with us, we had to say goodby to our precious furry friend but still think of her often.

keeshounds!!!! my only dog was named keekee and she was a keeshound. i had her from when i was born til when i was 13. they dont shed.

The Dutch Barge dog- the Keishund - before foghorns they positioned on the bow of barges to bark when oncoming boats were detected - so its said

Keeshond puppy

Important Facts About Type, Weight And More Weight All dogs are certainly not similar weight. You will find dogs that weight 50 pounds, others 30