I love this little room

Loving this. A shabby white attic room will match the rest of the house when we redo kings loft in the fall.


Aménagement d'une maison familiale

Unclutter you kitchen counter! Great idea! I could wipe it off without moving everything!!

the newly uncluttered kitchen counter

Suspended shelves Plus Plus

Suspended suspended shelves-shelf - custom

flag craft idea

flag craft idea, I want this in my hallway, first thing you see when you walk up into the house. I love Americana stuff. Making this for a wall somewhere

couleur accent - chambre

Bedroom Decor

Me and Neil were chatting about paint colours for No. 42 the other day. I asked him which wall sample he preferred in each of the rooms and he replied: "I don't mind, as long as the whole house isn't grey. These samples all look grey" Oopsy!

Crates - Great storage idea

vintage wooden crates great for office storage. I love crates and wooden boxes.