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Warrior cats- Cinderpelt by on @DeviantArt

Warrior cats- Cinderpelt by on @DeviantArt

Darktail by on @DeviantArt

Darktail by on @DeviantArt

Firestar and Sandstorm by on @DeviantArt

They are one of my favourite pairings. sorry if the art is bad. Firestar and Sandstorm

Squirrelflight by on @DeviantArt

Squirrelflight is definitely one of my favourite cats from the Warriors series.

Jafeather and Halfmoon by on @DeviantArt

Jay feather And Halfmoon. Sorry if my terrible art shatters your heart. Jafeather and Halfmoon

Micah by on @DeviantArt

Micah is definetely one of my most favourite cats from the warriors series and I tried my best to draw him.

Clear Sky by on @DeviantArt

Clear sky from dawn of the clans. No matter how much he proves himself to be a bad character, he will always be one of my favourite characters and i hon.

Cloudtail and Brightheart by on @DeviantArt

Cloudtail and brightheart from warriors! Cloudtail and Brightheart

Warrior cats Cinderpelt by on @DeviantArt

A birthday request for someone. She is also my favourite character and forgive me for my rusty art.

Warrior cats Swiftpaw by on @DeviantArt

I tried to draw the scene where swiftpaw tries to defend brightpaw from the dogs.

Warriorcats Leafpool by on @DeviantArt

Leafpool from TC! Im soo sorry if it's bad .

Warrior cats: Greystripe and Silverstream by on @DeviantArt

Greystripe and Silverstream I got inspired to make this after awtching a MAP. Warrior cats: Greystripe and Silverstream

Spottedleaf by on @DeviantArt

this is my first time drawing a tortoiseshell so please forgive me if it is bad.

Warrior cats Graywing by on @DeviantArt

One of my most favourite cats in the series, Graywing. Graywing is my most favourite cat from th.

Ivypaw by on @DeviantArt

Ivypaw in the darkforest. I love ivypaw's pelt design and i tried to draw it but failed miserably.