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Stones are placed into an slow-cooker which is filled with water. The water is typically heated to 122-127 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the stones have heated sufficiently, some are placed onto specific points on the body (such as the back, hands, etc.) and others are held by the massage therapist and used to work the muscles. Certain styles of stone massage also incorporate chilled stones into the routine. These stones are usually marble, and are placed into a bowl of iced water before use.

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The Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

You can now find hot stone massage in many of the top beauty spas across the country; however, hot stone therapy really does have some health benefits too. Hot stone massage has benefits not just for the recipient of the treatment but also for the massage therapist. There are several ways in which hot stone […]

A simple stone massage is a massage technique that uses smooth, flat, and heated rocks properly set at key points throughout different sections on the body. Stone Massage Technique Stones used in the technique of hot stone massage (usually basalt Massage For Men, Massage Tips, Massage Benefits, Massage Techniques, Spa Massage, Massage Therapy, Health Benefits, Health Tips, Health Care

Do-It-Yourself Hot Stone Massage

Want a hot stone massage but can't afford one? Here are some great tips and tricks on how to give yourself or each other great hot stone massages.

by using hot stone massage for scoliosis you can relieve a lot of the pain and symptoms, as well as correcting posture and curvature as explained.

by using hot stone massage for scoliosis you can relieve a lot of the pain and…

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Hot Stone Massage: Ancient Healing Technique Stands The Test of Time - Turtle Dance Bodywork

While its exact origins are a little fuzzy, there is no doubt that Stone Therapy has been a part of human healing for centuries. Evidence shows that as early as 2600 BC, river stones were used in India and China, warmed in the sun and applied to the body along specific lines to balance energy