First Nations Entrepreneurship Is Key To Ending The Cycle Of Hardship

A lot of people have asked me for my opinion on how we can help support First Nations youth. There are many challenges facing our youth and there is no easy solution.

'Tribe' Created To Save Taxes Disrespects Indigenous Struggles

Mohawk protesters block the Mercer bridge leading into Montreal during

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Attawapiskat Suicide Crisis: Police Break Up Suicide Pact Between 13 Youths

Does Gord Downie's Call To Action Mean Anything For First Nations?

As pretty much the entire country watched The Tragically Hip live in Kingston, Ontario for their final show, Gord Downie used the opportunity to do something not many would. bring up First Nations i.

Lack Of Funding For Basic Tools Undermines First Nations Policing

Lack of funding for basic services is all too common in First Nation communities. We have all heard the horror stories of people dying because of no access to basic health care, youth not having acces.

Who Can We Hold Accountable For The First Nations Water Crisis?

The First Nations water crisis is beyond a national embarrassment. It should be seen as a national crime that the basic human right to water is seriously at risk in First Nations communities across Ca.

First Nations pay more tax than you think

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