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"Puppy Room" for students in a University in Canada - WTF fun facts: Win-Win situation helps w/ puppy training and reliving stress :D Unrealistic for my middle school, but would be awesome! Would also like them for the staff lounge.

Toronto, Canada

Toronto, Canada - I have stood in front of this building many times "The Flat Iron Building" I believe it is known as.

Mennonites - a winter morning in Ontario

Amish winter morning - I have such a strong desire to see and experience Amish living.

Famous Five Monument - Five Alberta women fought to have Canadian women recognized constitutionally as "persons" who were eligible to be named to the Senate. Emily Murphy led the battle  supported by Irene Parlby, Louise McKinney, Henrietta Muir Edwards and Nellie Mcclung. The Supreme Court of Canada rejected their case in 1928 but the Judicial Committee of the British Privy Council decided in favour of the women on October 18, 1929. These courageous ladies came to be known as the "Famous…

The Famous Five who legally gained the right for women to vote in Canada in 1929 ~ That is pretty recently! There are identical statues erected to their achievement in Ottawa, Ontario and Calgary, Alberta since they all lived in Alberta when involved in t

Snow Train, British Columbia, Canada  photo via josep

Snow Train, British Columbia, Canada photo via josep- um, snow in BC.stupid coastal lack of snow.

Grain elevator, Canada

'Home Grain' Company built this capacity elevator at Bellis, Alberta. It was one of nearly "standard" grain elevators which were built across western Canada between the and the

Making Maple Syrup, Canada

Making Maple Syrup, Canada- could use this concept for any camp fire- love the log chains

Canada Day inspiration: 25 DIY ideas, crafts, printables and recipes for July 1st

Canada Day inspiration: 25 DIY ideas, crafts, printables and recipes for July 1st

Canada Day Inspiration - 25 DIY ideas, crafts, printable and recipes for July

Saskatchewan Canada

Mac the Moose, in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan Canada. This would make a cute art project to talk about scale. Students can draw themselves visiting roadside attractions in saskatchewan


Mural on the back of the Gooderham Building / Flatiron Building - Front Street East, Toronto ~ Art

Bob Homme as The Friendly Giant - with Rusty & Gerome - a staple of my early childhood

The Friendly Giant - children's TV show, with Rusty the Rooster & Jerome the Giraffe ~ a favorite . Reminds me of my Dad, who was like a cross between The Friendly Giant & John Wayne ❤

Friendly Giant set -

Friendly Giant set - This is great! One of the best Canadian tv shows for kids!