Number Pattern Cards w/ Printable

A set of 40 number pattern cards that can be laminated and reused. Includes counting patterns in and up to 100 both forwards and backwards.

This Family Math Night 'What Do You Notice?' activity focused on triangular numbers and, for the little guys, shapes.

recognize, describe, and extend patterns such as sequences of sounds and shapes or simple numeric patterns and translate from one representation to another; analyze how both repeating and growing patterns are generated.

Mixed Operations Worksheet -- Input/Output Tables -- All Operations Facts 1 to 9 -- Mixed Blanks (A)

Mixed Operations Worksheet -- Input/Output Tables -- Multiplication Facts 1 to 9 -- Output Only Blank (A)

Worksheets: Input Output Math Tables

Input Output Math Tables

Find the hidden rule in these puzzling math tables! Compare your "in" number to the corresponding "out" number to find the pattern in each table.

What Comes Next? and What is the Rule? - Dual Action Pattern Task Cards for grade 4 and grade 5

Patterns Task Cards - Grades 4-5