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There are many option trading systems out there and their promoters will always tell you that theirs is the one that will solve your financial problems and give you the freedom you've dreamed about.

Green Legacy Farm: Scissor Truss Eggmobile, Part I

After much blood, sweat, and trigonometry, we are ALMOST done with our modified version of the Polyface scissor truss eggmobile (i.

Buffalo Bayou Park playground, Houston, Texas / Mommy Nearest

While green infrastructure is needed to manage stormwater and cool the air in our cities, these systems, as currently designed, aren’t enough. In the future, they must also boost biodiversity…

Pea gravel or small river rocks with slate tile pieces make for a great sitting…

Pea gravel or small river rocks with slate tile. If I block the gap in the neighbor's fence with the Jojoba bush, I can create a nice little tiled area in that corner with the new gravel plus some tile. I like the color on this one too.