The Original Chex Mix Recipe.This recipe debuted in the The images here are from the back of a box of Corn Chex cereal from the *and it's still the best*

Classic Homemade Nuts and Bolts recipe! This holiday favourite is the snack in our house come Christmas and I'm thrilled to share my family recipe! paleo dessert for thanksgiving

This is the Homemade Nuts and Bolts recipe you have been looking for from "the side of the cereal box" -from your childhood.

Nana B's Nuts and Bolts (Bits ‘n Bites)

Just like most kitchens, pop in here to see what's going on, where I've put stuff now and see who else is just hanging. Remember - it's all about the love, baby.

One of the recipes I have used for years has been my recipe for Nuts and Bolts from "Best of Bridge". one of my favorite cookbooks.