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He brought me to his banqueting table, And his banner over me was love. ~ Song of Solomon ~

Don't make her mornings good make them great...

Awake, north wind, and come, south wind! Blow on my garden, that its fragrance may spread everywhere. Let my beloved come into his garden and taste its choice fruits. ~ Song of Solomon ~

C'mon pet

"Nice try, BG" *he chuckles as she playfully squirms to get away* "I have missed that beautiful ass of yours, it's Mine. And I fucking need it" *he growls. Peeking over her shoulder she winks, biting her bottom lip* then come fucking take it, Daddy.


If you are not 18 or older you are in the wrong place. I find that this is my place at times to escape and spend time showing what I find to be sexual and romantic, I am what I think a passionate romantic with a love for all.