Vegetable Twister - turns vegetables into noodles. Hello low carb dinner!

An exta=yummy idea.and how fun also for kids who like to cook to possibly try out new ways to eat veggies they would otherwise not touch. Vegetable Twister - turns vegetables into spaghetti!

Temperature Controlled faucet light lets kids know when the water is hot or cold! $20

LED Faucet Lights Own The Keenest Faucet On The Block. Sweet LED faucet lights for kitchen or bathroom Blue light changes red when water heats up

One Click Butter Cutter

"ONE CLICK STICK BUTTER CUTTER".Easily slice perfect squares of butter for your morning waffles, toast or baked potato with this handy butter cutter.

"Cupmen" dude holds down your lid and then turns a different color when your Cup o'Noodles are ready. i dare you not to smile.

Do you guys eat cup noodle? It’s those Styrofoam cups filled with dried noodles that you just pou.

Harry Potter "I Solemnly Swear...Mischief Managed" Transforming Mug

Harry Potter Coffee Mug: It starts all black with "I solemnly swear." and when you fill it with hot liquid, it turns white and says "Mischief Managed.

Utility Spoon Rest by Pigeon Toe Ceramics

leibal: Utility Spoon Rest is a minimalist design created by Oregon-based designer Pigeon Toe. This design is a hand-thrown porcelain spoon rest with a unique cut-out side that perfectly cradles all shapes and sizes of kitchen tools with minimalist flair.

Eva Fruit Hanger by Simon Colabufalo

Eva Fruit Hanger by Simon Colabufalo

mugs with mugs.

Cute mugs ~ Ha! I'd use the sleepy one first thing in the morning, the angry one for the second cup, then the happy one for the third cup, right before leaving for work.