tattoo #fog #staywild instead of a canoe have a kayak or have a rucksack

im against color tattoos, but if i got this one. id color the canoe red, because i used to go canoeing in my grandpas red canoe with my brother and grandpa when i was little.

Watercolour Art Print Starry Sky Forest Art by StudioFactotumUK

Watercolour Art Print, Starry Sky, Forest Art, Home Decor, Circle Art, Night Sky, Nature Print, Space Art, Blue, Tree Art, Landscape Print

“The Animal Kingdom” by Andreas Lie | DESIGN OVERDOSE

“The Animal Kingdom” by Andreas Lie

products with canadian maple leaves - Google Search

On February the red maple leaf flag was inaugurated as the National Flag of Canada. The maple leaf is a national symbol found on our currency, military insignia & sports teams' uniforms.