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Best Inspirational Quotes About Life QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Life Quote I need to know your plans ahead of time so can prepare, not after my pants are off. Sharing is Caring – Keep QuotesDaily up, share this quote !

and there will be the one who will tell you as he removes brick by brick that you will no longer need any walls.because he will protect you with his." Yes-I will my love.

Potential | INTP This was me in middle school. I would sleep or read under my desk (or just think) the ENTIRE day because I already knew more than the teacher.

Intp problems this is literally my life. At my old school the teachers understood me but at this school they always discourage me for the way my brain works

MBTI weapons // ISFJ: crossbow

MBTI Weapons // wow, mine is all too accurate. Quick, clean, and you don't have to be close to get the job done nor do you have to be seen. i got meteor hammer!

Unlike most people, INTPs do not come preprogrammed with acceptable social behavior patterns. Rather, they learn to fit in through conscious observation and deliberate mimicry. While other people talk, the INTP watches and wonders, “Am I nodding too often? Should I speak up, or remain silent? Should I fold my arms, put my hands in my pockets, or try to gesture? Should I touch this person in a friendly, casual way? Where? How much are they smiling? Am I smiling too much? How long should I…

Unlike most people, INTPs do not come preprogrammed with acceptable social skills.


Don't know if this is actually true--- Writing is therapy. It helps me sort out my thoughts and feelings. I really like it, but sometimes I feel that even writing is not enough to express myself.

Personality Types & Puddles

MBTI and a puddle * giggles * I could see myself and my two besties behaving exactly like this describes. ^_^ I'm infp but I would be like infj or intj