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Nancy McDowell-Kok

Nancy McDowell-Kok
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Bath oils

A bath sounds wonderful right now& how I wish I had one& ideal bath tub is a deliciously deep clawed bath tub with a scenic view from the bathroom. I& just have to pretend when I& in my tiny half-curtained shower& wahhhhh hahaha.

I had so much fun at our Bath Bomb Party!  My goal for this party was for my participants to have a hands-on activity using essential oils.  Each participant made one bomb for each: relaxation, mood lifter and decongestant, which they got to take with them (in a cute Valentine's Day bag) so they can create a spa like experience within their own home.

Time for an Oil Change: Bombs-Away! My Bath Bomb Party (i would use Young Living oils though!

Honey Foaming Bath Soap and 9 other DIY Spa recipes that would make great gift ideas.

DIY Savannah Bee Company Foaming Bath Soap by Paula cup sweet almond oil (you may substitute a light olive oil) cup Savannah Bee Company honey (you may substitute any local or organic honey) cup liquid hand soap 1 tablespoon vanilla extract

DIY All-Natural Bath Fizzies

Making your own bath fizzes ensures that you can create a natural, non-toxic bath fizz, choosing your own essential oil and added embellishments like dried flowers.Jessie of Hiccup Baby Love, who?makes and sells these bath-time delights on Etsy?