Margo McIsaac

Margo McIsaac

Margo McIsaac
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A Fresh Paint Color We Love For The Kitchen (So, NO, It's Not White, Blue or Black)

Violaine and Gaëtan live in one of the most desired neighborhoods of Montreal, and their condo is stunning (and full of lots of DIY projects).

Elevation Polish - Dusk @ Hovd

Elevation Polish - Dusk @ Hovd

Elevation Polish - Atop a Ferris Whell

Elevation Polish Atop a Ferris Wheel from July's A Box, Indied

Elevation Polish - SBP Madriu-Perefita-Claror

Elevation Polish SBP: Madriu-Perefita-Claror Description: Plum holographic with shifting green micro flake shimmer, red shifting flake shimmer, and medium density holographic pigment

Elevation Polish - Scrape with Screw

Color: Scrape with Screw Description: Warm cranberry red medium density holographic with buttery style formula.

Elevation Polish - Haleakala

Elevation Polish “Haleakala” is a deep plum linear holographic polish. This is awesome and I especially love this because of the name… the Haleakala Crater!

Elevation Polish - SBP Y's winter wonderland

Y's winter wonderland: Grey leaning white with a blend of copper, gold flake shimmer and micro shimmer, a blend of ultra chrome flakes (mainly red and green)