Comfortable seating

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The right seating can help relax the mind as the body relaxes

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The Hug Sofa by Eun Kyoung Lee.

The Hug Sofa by Eun Kyoung Lee.

What a great Meditation Chair! The Water Hyacinth Meditation Chair by Gaiam.



Shhh no one will know you're here

Bookshelves for all Spaces

These lightweight cardboard circular bookshelves produced under Eric Guiomar ’s cardboard creation program, are unique pieces of art that w...

These poufs offer vibrant color in a monochromatic room

The Pix Poufs Collection by Arper

This cotton pouf makes for the perfect seated floor meditation


global handmade

Encircled in comfort


I need one of these for 2 PM siestas. Cradle is a chair designed by Richard Clarkson, Grace Emmanual, Kalivia Russel, Eamon Moore, Brodie Cambell, Jeremy

Outside lounge seating for quiet contemplation

Outside lounge seating for quiet contemplation

For reclining or sitting

15 Cool beds I want to sleep on

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Being cradled by a hammock can be very soothing

21 Inspirational examples of outdoor summer lounging spaces

Expand your outdoor living room by creating summer lounging spaces on your property such as beautiful hammocks, daybeds, swinging beds and canopies.

Enjoy some privacy in the kaddur lounge chair

Lean back in the ergonomic ripple chaise

Black Chaise Lounges | Modern Chaise Lounges

Update your living room with modern black chaise lounges from LexMod, and recline in affordable comfort. Browse our quality selection of contemporary chaise lounge chairs to match your style, budget, furniture, or living space. No-risk 30-day return policy ensures your satisfaction!

Relax in the W lounge chair

Steal a little extra privacy in the alpha lounge chair

Accent Chairs | Living Room Chairs

Find affordable and stylish accent chairs and up update your living room with a new look. Browse our large selection of living room furniture to match your style. Satisfaction guaranteed with our 30-day return policy.

Dangle in this rattan piece from Nautica

Nautica from Expormim

Learn more about Nautica from Expormim.