Hormonal contraceptives might increase the risk of depression – October 9, 2016

A Danish research group found a higher relative risk for antidepressant use and diagnosis of depression among hormonal contraceptive users, and the relative risk was even higher among adolescents.

The diagnosis and treatment of major depression in older adults has to be carefully managed. The treatment is mainly based on lifestyle changes, use of medication, psychological therapies, maintenance therapy, and brain stimulation depending on availability, patient’s response and preferences.

Guidelines for Diagnosing and Treating Depression in Elderly People - September 2016 - Medical News Bulletin

In our global health industry, awareness and understanding are paramount for clinicians to address certain issues. Depression is a prevalent dilemma that also plagues people who have experienced stroke.

A new study found that adults experiencing serious psychopathologic disorders and who are not aligned to any particular health care system run a greater short-term risk for suicide after psychiatric discharge.

Long-term data on teens and substance abuse indicate possible self-medicating behaviours – September 6, 2016

Long-term Data on Teens and Substance Abuse Indicate Possible Self-Medicating Behaviours - September 2016 - Medical News Bulletin

Treatment of depression in the united states – an ineffective approach – September 6, 2016

Early Intervention is very important for young women or teenagers to recover from addiction. Young women are at high risk of addiction too. Early interventions can decrease drug use in young women.

MultI-generation study shows risk of depression compounded across generations – August 29, 2016

Multi-Generation Study Shows Risk of Depression Compounded Across Generations - August 2016 - Medical News Bulletin

Does depression delve into dementia? A look into the link between clinical depressive symptoms and dementia risk – August 15, 2016

Does Depression Delve Into Dementia? A Look Into the Link Between Clinical Depressive Symptoms and Dementia Risk - August 2016 - Medical News Bulletin

Cognitive therapy or dynamic psychotherapy: Which one is more effective when treating major depressive disorder? – August 15, 2016

Managing Adolescent Obesity with Psychosocial Intervention - August 2016 - Medical News Bulletin

Measurable biomarker predicts suicidal behaviour – August 10, 2016

Measurable Biomarker Predicts Suicidal Behaviour - August 2016 - Medical News Bulletin

Psilocybin found to reduce depressive symptoms in individuals with treatment-resistant depression – August 4, 2016

Psilocybin Found to Reduce Depressive Symptoms in Individuals with Treatment-Resistant Depression - August 2016 - Medical News Bulletin

Study questions the effectiveness of antidepressant drugs for children and teens - June 27, 2016

Study Questions the Effectiveness of Antidepressant Drugs for Children and Teens - June 2016 - Medical News Bulletin

Blood levels of inflammatory biomarkers may predict treatment response in depression patients – June 17, 2016

Blood Levels of Inflammatory Biomarkers May Predict Treatment Response in Depression Patients - June 2016 - Medical News Bulletin

Biological markers in our blood may be used to determine susceptibility for major depressive disorder - June 5, 2016

Biological Markers in Our Blood May be used to Determine Susceptibility for Major Depressive Disorder - June 2016 - Medical News Bulletin

Nutritional supplements, particularly omega-3, might increase effectiveness of antidepressants - May 6, 2016

Nutritional Supplements, Particularly Might Increase Effectiveness of Antidepressants - May 2016 - Medical News Bulletin