Ruth Meeker-Stamp

Ruth Meeker-Stamp

Ruth Meeker-Stamp
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Hummingbird Tattoo Nation: Tsimshian Artist: Corey W. Moraes. Native American Art

Hummingbird Tattoo Nation: Tsimshian Artist: Corey W.

Practice executive functioning skills with these fun wristbands! Teach skills including planning, organization, self-control, time management, attention, flexibility, and more!

At WAISCZ, we tape the targets on the desk when we do IEPs. This would be a great way for children to take the targets with them everywhere they go. A good visual reminder.

The Difference Between Tantrums and Sensory Meltdowns

Tantrums and sensory meltdowns may look alike, but have very different causes. Learn the difference between these two types of outbursts.

Brain & Growth Mindset Posters

Colorful posters to support the instruction of parts of the brain and how to show Growth Mindset in the classroom. Teach your students how our brains work, how we learn, and how we are all capable of improving ourselves by having a Growth Mindset!

Stop, Think, Plan, Do - mantra for Executive Functioning and Metacognition. From

Starting a task requires strong initiation skills. Students who struggle to begin their work may have weak executive functioning skills. Initiation of task is a key executive functioning skill and …

Executive Function Disorder Symptoms

Trouble with executive function skills is common in kids with learning and attention issues. Use this checklist to see signs of executive functioning issues in kids.