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an image of some type of art work
Funny sex toys Canvas Print by miaou-miaou
Funny sex toys Canvas Print by miaou-miaou - society6
the sun and moon are seen in this black and gold background with an image of mountains
Portfolio d’images et de photos de stock de Peratek | Shutterstock
Round vector template in boho style.
an advertisement for the sewing machine
O dia que aprendi a costurar.
Sewing machine ad, early 20th C.
a drawing of hot air balloons flying in the sky
love the differentiation between the color wash & the color pencil...and how your mind naturally brings them together.
some sketches of different facial expressions for the character's face and head, with various angles
Head Drawing type analisys by reiq on DeviantArt
really love the structure shown in the drawings!
a painting of a tree in the snow with water flowing down it's side
Sacred Trees to Native Americans: The Arbutus Tree or Madrone Tree
Arbutus Tree painting by Cortes Island BC artist Dianne Bersea
four different images of an open book with black and white designs on it, all showing the same pages
Zen tangle
there are many different pictures with words on them
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
two drawings of people sitting next to each other
Blankets | Craig Thompson
Craig Thompson . Sketches for his graphic novel "Blankets" (I just finished reading it. SO GOOD. Go out there and buy it. Go. now!)
four different types of scissors are shown in the same image, and each one has an intricate pattern on it
You Should Be Working
a painting of a woman with long hair wearing a dress and holding a flower in her hand
art noveau on Tumblr
love this sketch
love this sketch
a black and white drawing of a woman's torso
Just a couple lines but so sleek and modern. Would look good in a bathroom.