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S in Fashion Avenue: Blair Waldorf style

**EXCLUSIVE** Leighton Meester - star of Gossip Girl - shooting a commercial for the next Vera Wang fragrance, out in stores next summer. On signing Leighton Meester as the face of her next scent, designer Vera Wang thinks 'her beauty, talent and spi mg

Problems of a Book Nerd

Problems of a Book Nerd. I felt this way when I watched the hunger games (don't worry I've read it now). Yes, i will quickly buy the book the night before to read. It feels like cheating if you watch before you read.

People who does not read books has no imaginary things in their minds to make their dreams come true... This represents Scout because she loves reading and she looks forward to it as if it was as fun as playing outside or something. In fact, Atticus uses reading as a bribe for her to have to go to school.

Reading is the best thing in the world<<you're wrong. It's the best thing in this universe<<you both are wrong. It's the best thing in this universe and beyond it.<<fandom arguing is the best. Wait it's the second best