Beautiful Sulfur Springs, Yellowstone National Park

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Yellowstone National Park, Montana - hard to believe this serene view would boil you alive in seconds

thermal bath, tirol, austria

wish I was there>>>Aqua Dome thermal spa in Laengenfeld. The Aqua Dome thermal spa is one of the biggest and most modern thermal spas in Austria. Located at the start of the Oetztal Valley in Laengenfeld.

Amazing Hot Springs, East Africa - Sulfur & algae turn hot springs into pools of living color.

Afar Depression, Ethiopia, Africa - sulfur and algae turn hot springs into pools of living color. The water is condensation from hot gases rising from magma chambers. As the water evaporates, salts and minerals form a vivid crust.

Japanese Onsen

Amazing onsen (hot spring) in Japan. Get onto STA TRAVEL for some epic deals on Asia that you won't regret

Glenwood Springs Hot Springs

Sunlight Mountain Resort is a hidden jewel tucked off between Vail and Aspen. It offers an incredible Ski/Swim Package which includes admission to the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool.

Hot Spring Cove, BC

On my next Vancouver road trip, I'll be looking for Hot Springs Cove, Near Tofino, British Columbia

Rotorua is a very interesting city found in northern New Zealand. What makes Rotorua so special is all the geothermal activity that takes places there providing locals and tourists with many fantastic features such as hot springs and boiling mud piles like the spectacular ones found in the picture above. If you do decide to visit Rotorua in your lifetime just be aware that the whole area smells like rotten eggs due to the high sulfur content!

Specked with mud pools, shooting geysers and natural hot springs, Rotoura rests on the southern shore of Lake Rotorua in the North Island of New Zealand.