Le carnaval de Québec printable vocabulary words. YouTube vids of maple syrup harvesting process, too! French, English, and silent vids.

"Le carnaval de Québec" word strips (printable) February is French cultural week at the school.

Le carnaval d'hiver, activités pour enfants.

Le carnaval d'hiver, activités pour enfants

10 Reasons you should take your family to the Quebec Winter Carnival -- and one of them is NOT to take a snow bath (but you can do that too)!

10 Fun Reasons You Should Visit the Quebec Winter Carnival

The Quebec winter carnival is a perfect family travel destination, with so much to do to enjoy the best activities winter has to offer.

Bradshaw & Sons: how to make snow lollies...  Maple syrup, snow & a stick. Looks fun!

You’ve been to a local maple sugar bush for a field trip at least once.