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Tumblr Doctor Who David Tennant |

Must draw more Doctor Who. I love you too, Ten. Stop looking so sad :( I’ll find a good happy picture of you to draw soon ~ SAI, less than 1 hr.

Definitely going to draw this :)

So, it turns out there's a huge overlap between fans of "Doctor Who" and "Sherlock", and they're a creative bunch. Here are 65 works of "Wholockian" fan art, grouped l.

So. Cool.

OK guys, I think this is how you do this- Draw a Tardis outline with a sharpie, and then completely cover it with tape so that it doesn't get covered by the melted crayons. Do the steps for normal melted crayon art with the hair dryer and all and then wh

Doctor Who. Bowties are cool :)

Wearing Both Hearts on His Sleeve. If I ever had a boyfriend I want him to have heart cufflinks. So he would have two hearts that he could wear on his sleeves.