Animal Photography

Animal photography
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two people sitting on a park bench with their dog in front of them and one person kissing the other
We've set a date!
Inspiration for a cute, cozy country engagement shoot! Love the dog picture will definately be adding that to my engagement pic list
three different pictures of dogs in the grass
How to: Beautiful Bokeh in Pet Photography by Ragamuffin Photography
a close up view of the nose and snout of a dog's nose with long, shaggy hair
~~Sniff ~ cute black and white dog nose macro, terrier by Sarah Bourque~~
a black and white photo of a cat paw with the caption petizone animalistaia
capture specific areas of the dog for a doggy collage
a woman is kissing a dog by the water
Memories: I saw this pin and it brought back childhood memories of having pets in our home.
a dog is sitting on the street looking up
Zenfolio | Evelina Pentcheva Photographer
Golden Retriever Photo - Orange County, LA Pet Photography
a black and white photo of a woman hugging her dog
29 Stunning Photos Of Dogs Captured From Around The World
Category: Man’s Best Friend, 1st Place — Photographer’s Wife Cuddling With Border Collie by Carlos Aliperti from Brazil
a man holding his hand up to the face of a dog
Can you live safely among wolves?
Gotta do this with our dog Duke and Nike n the girls.....our dog Charlie too. Great idea!
a dog paw with the words i pledge to always keep you safe
Animals have always had a special place in my life and in my heart and soul. Always a special connection and amazing.
a black and white photo of a person holding a dog's paw
Evocative Dog Photography presents . . .
Really wish I would have gotten a photo like this before my Golden Retriever Georgia died...damn.
a brown dog with blue eyes looking at the camera
The Story of Chucky & Gypsy by Ragamuffin Pet Photography
Chucky's owner took a 6 month contract overseas for work. The loveable Collie X spent two years in a shelter waiting for his human to return – he never did. But then he met Sheridan and Gypsy.... read the full story here at