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a quote that reads marketing aka getting visible takes time first, you have to build trust with your audience, and then you play around
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Window Of Tolerance, Alcohol Withdrawal, Holistic Psychologist, Emotional Awareness, Counseling Resources, The Nervous System, Fall Back
When your nervous system will naturally regulate
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HANDOUTS — Functional Health Research + Resources — Made Whole Nutrition
Personal Boundaries, Inner Child Healing, Mental And Emotional Health, New Energy, Self Care Activities, Negative Emotions, Emotional Healing
How to Heal by Understanding These 7 Types of Negative Emotions - The Twenties Detox
Diaphragmatic Breathing, Shadow Work, Pranayama, Spirituality Energy
HOW DEEP BREATHING Boosts Your Immune System
Daglig Motivation, Inspirerende Ord, Mind Body Soul
13 WAYS TO REGULATE Your Nervous System
Naturopathy, Vagus Nerve Activation, Montag Motivation, Vagus Nerve