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Megan Meier
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Oh Slendy . . .

I want a real life Slenderman in my life, just to make him my friend. If not, I'll simply die happy if he lets me hug him. <-- This is about the most motivational thing I have ever read

And id want to kill people

I want to be a Proxy. I would do anything just to become a proxy to be part of creepypasta. I have always love creepypasta, its like my family. God i wish I was a proxy.


Hoodie be careful please Hoodie: I've done this before I'll be fine Me: :'( Promise me u will be thow Hoodie: *kisses my forehead* I promise kenzie Me: O-ok I'll be waiting here tell u kill Thows guy's Hoodie: Don't get shot now luv