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Melanie Beauregard

Melanie Beauregard
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The Ultimate Product Launch Checklist [Infographic]

of questions that one should consider before a Not every item is applicable to each product launch, so one need to decide what is appropriate to product, organisation and market. I put-to-gather the product launch Checklist and thought of sharing it.

Types of content and how effective they are.

If your content marketing strategy doesn’t guide the business to achieve its goal, reprogram it with SMART goals – Content Marketing Institute

infographic-7-project-management-approach-timeline.png (1020×1894)

Waterfall Project Management approach, applied to software projects. Uses the same basic project structure as OnlinePMCourses, with subtly difeferent terminology. I don't know about the time estimates, but it's a useful start oint.

Visio Agile Roadmap Templa

This stylish Visio Agile Roadmap shows your Product Plans over time, It includes Workstreams, milestones, KPIs, and stylish graphics.