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two cats are standing next to each other on the ground near a car and another cat is looking at it
a cat with a red spot on it's forehead
a white cat sleeping on top of a bed next to a person's arm
a gray and white cat laying on top of a bed
two cats are sitting on a bench and one is rubbing its head against the other
a cat sitting on the floor and being petted by someone's hand while standing next to it
a black cat standing on top of a rug next to a person's feet
a book sitting on top of a white bed next to pillows and pillowcases
a woman laying on top of a bed with her head resting on the pillow next to her
Vogue, Grunge, Victoria, Girl, Angel, Lolita, Styl, Girly Girl, Selena
a cat wearing a red and black hat on top of a bed next to a dog
a person petting a white cat on the nose