Compass Painting ~ a fun and playful way to combine math and art! Who knew school supplies could be so fun!

Compass Painting ~ Fun back to school art!maybe art during math? Cool Tool For School Math Art.

Using forks for texture

Using forks for printing. Would make such a cute project for Kdg. I could see them making some very funny porcupines! Fork stamp would be good for hay stacks or a dog. Can use fork for upper grades and manipulate so just 2 prongs were printed and etc.

Ballon sensoriel Avec Les Cartes ASSORTIES. idéal coulée Enseigner aux Enfants d'âge préscolaire 5 Sens ous fr gardant Les Mains bambin Occupé ...

sensory balloon with matching cards. great for teaching 5 senses to preschoolers or keeping toddler hands busy!

La danse des Pingouins - France - SO fun for body parts!

La danse des Pingouins - France - SO fun for body parts! But you may have to be careful- one penguin starts drinking too much.

Simple Play Dough Name Practice {3 Ways} | Mama.Papa.Bubba.

Play dough names--could do without cookie cutters just shaping letters from scratch (or maybe a paper template to help?

Sauté de porc de l'heure de pointe #recette

Rush-Hour Pork Stir-Fry recipe: Every commuter’s dream come true: a low-cal, low-fat dish that's full of flavor and veggies, and can be ready in less than 25 minutes. That’s cookin' in the fast lane.

Halloween Do-a-Dot Printables: 27 pages of Halloween do-a-dot worksheets to help kids work on one-to-one correspondence, shapes, colors, patterning, letters, and numbers. #Halloween #DoADot #freeprintables || Gift of Curiosity

Halloween Do-a-Dot Printables

Free Halloween do-a-dot printables with 27 pages of Halloween-themed do-a-dot worksheets for kids ages