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Articles: Ethics in the Classroom: What You Need to Know

PTO Understanding ethics within the classroom setting is crucial for teachers. We need to understand the effects of our daily choices. My favorite part of this article are five basic principles of ethics that are common to all faiths.

Interesting idea!! A secret student is randomly selected and the teacher monitors that student for the day.  If the student does well, he/she is recognized and is rewarded.  If he/she does not do well, the student is not named and the teacher just tells the class that the secret student did not have a good day but tomorrow will be a better day.

Primary Possibilities: Positive Behavior Rewards SECRET STUDENT--so much fun, Love this idea! If the secret student has done well then all get a positive reward. All have to work hard just incase it's them.

Acorns...made with Hershey kisses, vanilla wafers, and a peanut butter, or chocolate chip. Use a little bit of frosting to attach the kiss and the chip.

Can't wait to make these! Stores sometimes don't have Mini Vanilla Wafers so if you see them buy them. Kiss acorn treats Hershey Kisses Mini Vanilla Wafer Cookies Peanut Butter or Butterscotch Chips Royal Icing or Decorator's Frosting