Ontario is so much more than meets the eye. Though most are familiar with the capital city, Ottawa, and the big urban centre, Toronto, much of its massive territory goes undiscovered. Travel to Canada and lay eyes on incredible architectural design, untouched natural beauty, sandy beaches with challenging ocean waves, and sacred, spiritual spaces. | @explorecanada

10 Places You Won't Believe Are in Ontario

Ontario is a place where there’s more than meets the eye. Here's our invitation to explore the unexpected.

The Boiler House. Distillery District, Toronto.

Toronto's Best Kept Secrets: Best Places to Visit in Toronto

These locations will make you fall in love with Toronto, destinations you should squeeze into your visit for a real taste of what the city is all about.

21 Nature Wonders in Ontario-- Beauty that doesn't require a plane ticket!

Hamilton's stunning Dundas Peak & Tew's and Webster's waterfalls top new list of 21 Natural Wonders in Ontario!