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apps for college kids.

The Sticky Note Addict: My Favorite Apps~ study tips for high school and college! studying tips, study tips

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20 Websites College students Need to Know- Really Helpful.

20 Websites College Students Need to Know

20 Websites College students Need to Know.dragon dictation, quizlet, keep me out, written kitten

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Foam Floor Tiles | 31 Things That Will Make Camping With Your Kids So Much Easier

Foam floor tiles for a softer, more comfortable tent floor camping. 41 Camping Hacks That Are BorderlineGenius

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"What's her deal?" "She's just a little scared to get close because everyone who said they'd be there either left her, or hurt her pretty badly. Give her some time. She'll come around eventually.

kids... wiser than we thought..

I Waste So Much Time

How do you decide who to marry? Kids say the darndest things. And I maintain that trucks can look very pretty.

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