How to Chose a Cover for a Novel.

Alexander Wainwright, Britain's finest landscape painter, travels in Cyberspace to find the answer. The images are numbered 1-8 and make a short story on the Mary E. Martin Blog.
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6] Turner refused to let us use this painting. “Because the novel is entitled Night Crossing, this could be appropriate. And yet, it’s a rather obvious and very predictable choice. A boat in stormy waters at night. I wouldn’t use it. It raises no questions in the reader’s mind and states absolutely nothing of any interest.” He sighed deeply. “But then I am no writer.”

Storm At Sea by Luc Normandin. "This painting was made before my computer days. It was painted with brush and airbrush.

3] I am learning to travel freely about this wonderful place called Cyberspace, which has an enchanting timeless quality to it. Any thought or hope ever expressed always remains in Cyberspace— timeless.  Once I visited Paul Cezanne, whose paintings of Chateau Noir inspired my author, Mary E. Martin, in her choice of the cover of The Fate of Pryde, the second in The Trilogy of Remembrance.

The Fate of Pryde, Second in Extraordinary Psychological Suspense Trilogy by Mary E.

2] In this contemplative mood, on April 4th, 2014, I decided to stroll along the Embankment of the Thames, which is just outside my studio in London.   To my amazement, just as the sun slipped below the skyline, an immense sailing ship appeared from nowhere and glided silently upriver toward me. Although I could feel no breeze upon my cheek, its sun-gilded sails billowed majestically. Read more here:

How to Choose a Cover for A Novel? Alexander Wainwright- fictional character- the protagonist of The Trilogy of Remembrance gives us his take on novel cover

4] But, close up, I had to admit that the equipment and the crew looked anything but magnificent. The words squalid and primitive came to mind as a Dickensian aura overtook the ship. I looked about to see the crew dressed in little better than filthy rags. Greeting me with ghastly, servile grins, each crew member could have been the ancient mariner himself. But one deckhand stood out from all the others and made shivers up and down my spine…

"An Ancient Mariner" -- by Thomas Cooper Gotch (British,

7] Excited, he artist, Turner, said, the novel “Night Crossing is a marvellous story. It’s about love so strong it transcends life and death. About fathers and sons and cruelty and compassion.It’s about art, life and love and the magic of making something from nothing. And about finding that balance between love and the passion to create. It’s about that yearning within all of us for what lies beyond.” AND this must be its cover.

How to Choose a Cover for A Novel? Alexander Wainwright- fictional character- the protagonist of The Trilogy of Remembrance gives us his take on novel cover

8] After meeting the famous painter, J M W Turner, what happened next was very dream like. The galleon was no longer on the Thames. The sleekness of twenty first century London had departed. I seemed to be in another time and place—several centuries ago. Then I realized that the scene before me was a painting by Turner the great artist himself. The reality now before me was . Read more here:

Joseph Mallord William Turner, ‘Bridge of Sighs, Ducal Palace and Custom-House, Venice: Canaletti Painting’ exhibited 1833

1] As some of you know I, Alexander Wainwright, am a landscape painter, whose life has become deeply confusing of late.  First and foremost, I am fictional character—the protagonist of The Trilogy of Remembrance and the creation of my author, Mary E. Martin. Read more here:

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