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ATTENTION Entrepreneurs! (but really everyone!) 2 questions to ask yourself on a regular basis. Checking in with yourself is a great way to ground yourself and redirect if needed. Mental health is incredibly important!
Image of an easel with Google Ads logo, then the following text: Key details to have in your google ads: brand name, official site, top keywords, call to action and ensure ad copy aligns to landing page - @meritmediaca Digital Marketing, Google Ads, Digital Marketing Training, Marketing, Brand Names
Google Ads Ad Writing Tips
Sharing some basic details that you should include within your Google Ads Ad copy for the best results! AKA better clickthrough rates, lower CPCs and higher converting clients/ customers 😘
Image with text overlay "do you know what the most valuable resource in the world is?"" Business Tips, People, Do You Know What, Success, Resources, Data, Agree, Clients, Business
Valuable resources
Small Business Tips! We agree that data is king because without it, we wouldn't have a business that can provide our clients with clear indicators of success or failure. BUT there's something that makes us wonder... what about time? So many people see time as something that is FREE, but it's not. And you cannot get it back. Are you time poor? Can we help you gain back some of your riches; so you can better use your time for what's most impactful for you?