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Fogo Island Inn Offers Design Inspiration for Modern Lifestyles

A new artist's studio on Fogo Island called Squish (meaning off-kilter). It's one of four new studios built to host artists from Canada and around the world.

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The Fogo Island Inn collection is made up of 70 wonderful pieces by world-renowned designers and local artisans that tell a story about place and history.

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Saunders Architecture created a one more creative project of hotel, named "Fogo Island Inn" . This Hotel is located on the island Fogo in Canada. "Fogo Island Inn" offers 29 rooms and a living room area of outstanding

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The Fogo Island Inn was conceived by the Shorefast Foundation, a Canadian charitable organization established by Zita, Anthony and Alan Cobb, as a building for learnings that have emerged from four centuries of lived experience on the northeast coast

Fogo Island Inn

Architect Todd Saunders discuss the research and thousands of drawings involved in the Fogo Island Inn project

Beautiful design hotel panoramic views in Fogo Island Newfoundland Canada

fogo island inn furniture conceived by ineke hans - designboom

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Newfoundland’s Fogo Island Inn offers a different kind of island getaway.