META Jewelry and Textiles

META Jewelry and Textiles

Toronto, Ontario  ·  Handwoven and hand-dyed jewelry inspired by ancient mythologies and the metaphysical.
META Jewelry and Textiles
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Francesca Woodman - Saw an exhibit of her too short a life's work at SF MOMA, hauntingly beautiful

“ [Francesca Woodman’s] photographs are hauntingly beautiful. They speak truth to a young artist at art school trying to discover ones’ voice.

Francesca Woodman - crouched position, figures over part of fave looking into the lens other hand holding body

Francesca Woodman: the Sylvia Plath of the photography world. Stunning surreal work of blurred semi-nudes of herself and other young women. She received critical acclaim.


High S/S 2014 - There is a moodiness about the High S/S 2014 ad campaign that is as evocative as it is emotive.