Proud to be Metis.......

The Métis flag is the infinity sign on either a blue or red background. Riel hung this flag from Fort Garry during the Red River Resistance of It symbolizes the infinite survival of the Métis people.

Metis Anthem......Beautiful, and I am proud to be Metis

Cory Poitras and sister, Kelsey Poitras jigging at Metis crossing 2007 He jigs and plays fiddle same time

Metis Moccasin

Metis Moccasin

My favorite slippers, just in case I lose them or they get ruined one day.

Metis buffalo hunt

Buffalo hunting camp- The buffalo hunt played an integral part in the development of the Métis Nation. Buffalo hunting provided the Métis with a livelihood, and helped sustain their way of life.