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Mia Ngam-Fawcett

Mia Ngam-Fawcett
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The Fault in Our Stars quote

Fan Art of I'm a grenade for fans of The Fault in Our Stars. I'm a grenade and at some point im going to explode and I would like to minimise the casualties okay?

The fault in our stars • john green ~ Going to write this on my bedroom door. :) I love this book!!!

Quote: And in the end, we can blame the stars or tell ourselves that it wasn't meant to be. That it wasn't destined to happen but deep down we know that the stars were not at fault, and it wasn't "meant to be" The fault was in ourselves.

The fault in our stars quote

The book and movie are so amazing! If you are going to see the movie I suggest you read the book before watching the movie, because ,it's an amazing book that you will remember forever!