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Parenting is a beautiful experience but sometimes it can be a struggle. Can you relate? Read this inspirational article from @TheMandarinMama where she shares her struggles with parenting. I Don't Feel Good, Man Cold, Inspirational Articles, Bilingual Education, Baby Steps, Second Child, Parenting Advice, Pediatrics, My Daughter
Parenting is a beautiful experience but sometimes it can be a struggle. Can you relate? Read this inspirational article from @TheMandarinMama where she shares her struggles with parenting.
a baby playing with a pink toy on top of a bed
Are you a parent finding teaching your child Chinese overwhelming? This article by @TheMandarinMama talks about personal issues that could be affecting how you teach your children Chinese. #learnchinese #chineseforkids
four books with chinese characters on them in various colors and sizes, including one for the children's book
10 Best Chinese Picture Books for Preschoolers
Trouble finding books for your child? Check out this very informative article that highlights the best Chinese picture books for preschoolers. Check more informative articles on our blog
the chinese text is written in two languages, and it says vuelinng i moon
The Chinese word of the day is Moon! The moon has deep meaning in Chinese culture. It is associated with gentleness and brightness. The round shape symbolizes family reunion. Therefore the Mid Autumn season is for family to get together and enjoy the full moon! A😌 favourite token of abundance, harmony, and luck.
an animated family with chinese characters in front of a tree and the words jaating i family
The Chinese word of the day is family! Mid Autumn Season is here and it's important to celebrate and gather together with family.
an orange background with chinese characters on it and the words quii i autumn written in english
Chinese Word of the Day! Autumn The Chinese word for Autumn (Qiū) is made up of two other Chinese words 禾 hé (grain) and 火 huǒ (fire). When you combine the characters of 'grain' and 'fire', it suggests the ripening of grain in the heat of late summer, and voilia you have autumn!
colorful umbrellas hanging from the side of a building with text that reads, what do colors mean in chinese culture?
What Colors Mean in Chinese Culture
Color is everywhere in Chinese culture, but what do they symbolize? For more information on Chinese culture and traditions, plus #kidscrafts and fun #earlylearning resources to teach your child Mandarin Chinese, check out our other boards.
red eggs with the words what is the significance of red eggs during chinese new year?
Celebrations & Traditions: Red Eggs
Easter is coming up, but did you know that dying eggs is also a tradition in Chinese Culture? Click to learn more, and for a instructions on how to dye eggs with your kids! For more fun #kidscrafts, #activitiesforkids, and Chinese learning resources, check out our other boards!
five easy chinese snacks to make with your kids this weekend
5 Easy Chinese Snacks to Make at Home
Looking for some tasty recipes to try out with your kids this weekend? Here are some of our favourite recipes for Chinese snacks! For more #kidsactivities, plus #kidscrafts, apps, and printable Mandarin Chinese worksheets for kids, check out our boards!
a television with the words how preschoolrs see tv on it
How Preschoolers See TV
Television resonates with children differently than adults. Click to find out how your preschooler sees TV. For more #parenting resources, check out our Parenting and Bilingual Education board!
the paper plate is made to look like a cartoon character
Fork-Painted Puffer Fish
Here's a fun craft to try with your kids today! Painting with a fork is a unique sensory experience that your preschooler will love. Try is and tweet us your final result @miaomiaokidz. For more #kidscrafts, #activitiesforkids, apps, fun educational videos for kids, and early learning resources, check out our boards!
feed the shark preschool color identification game
Feed The Shark – Preschool Color Identification Game
Looking for a fun learning activity to do with your toddler or young children this weekend? Here is a color identification that your kids will love! For more #earlylearning resources and #kidsactivities, check out our boards.
a man holding a child up in the air with text reading engaging your child with bilingual vocabulary
Engaging Your Child with Bilingual Vocabulary
Is your child learning Mandarin Chinese? Here are some engaging questions you can ask your child that will help reinforce English to Mandarin vocabulary. For more #earlylearning resouces, #apps, #printables worksheets, #kidscrafts, #kidsactivities, and videos, check out our other boards!
a little boy that is walking in the mud
Introverted Children and Playtime
Is your child an introvert? Here are some tips on how to nurture your kid's introverted side. For #craftsforkids, #kidsactivities, videos, apps, and more early learning Mandarin Chinese resources, check out our other boards!