Grammatica, toutes les règles de grammaire à la porte de la main

homophones - words which are pronounced the same as other words but differ in spelling, meaning or origin.

FREE Halloween Vocabulary Chart - 2 pages

Free Halloween Vocabulary Chart with non-scary images. You could cut apart the chart to make matching or concentration games or room design interior design interior design 2012

jours de la semaine

Days of the week correspondence with planets & word origins / jours de la semaine et planètes

En Ville - a pack of French resources to help you teach vocabulary related to places in the city, asking for and giving directions, etc. It includes word wall cards, sentence builders and more!

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Exercices de vocabulaire : en ville

This is a great image to help students with learning town and city vocabulary.

Horloge des mois Une horloge murale représentant les mois de l'année.

To teach months of the year, holidays and the continuity of time. May also include seasons by outlining the circle in different colors, such as orange for the fall months.