Canadian Problems

Canadian Problems: Too warm for a winter jacket, too cold for a spring jacket.<< Put a cardigan under your spring jacket :)

Canadian Problems

Your school is always open but there is this one school that is ALWAYS CLOSED. <<It's the same in mini Canada, the state of North Dakota.

....or deer, porcupines, skunks, raccoons and chipmunks :)

or deer, porcupines, skunks, raccoons and chipmunks :) Not so Hilaaaarious actually. A real problem.

I always have to remind myself not to order ice tea when I'm in the states or else it's a shocker on that first sip lol

I love American iced tea. I have a major problem with Canadian iced tea. All of these are so accurate

Canadian Problems - measuring weight and height in imperial and temperature and distance in metric. Ha ha so funny and true!

Canadian Problems // We discovered this when we moved close to the border. When people came in your house, they'd take off their shoes immediately. We had to learn to wear socks if we were going to someone's house. :)

Canadian Problem Encountering a strange being that does not remove its shoes upon entering your house. This is a Canadian thing?

Or even by the 3 year old hotshot! LOL

ALWAYS happens at our local skating rink. Thanks Jayson Jayson Masciarelli for these fun Canadian problems which we pinned from her board!