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Michelle Flewwelling

Michelle Flewwelling
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Regardless if the highest weight was at the delivery of my babes, I still never want to see it or within 25 lbs of it again!

just my highest weight? no way, I pledge I will never see the scale even at the half way point to my highest weight! oh ya baby!

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Try this Orange Julius Shakeology recipe! Super delicious, and packed full of nutrients and even more protein! Awesome when you just can't stop drinking that coffee, or need an extra boost! I would use trim shake instead of shakeology.

Iced Coffee, But Better. 21 Day Fix, Beach Body, Shakeology Recipe. Weight Watcher Friendly! Looking to eat delicious clean food like this and lose weight? Contact me @JackieVetrano! :)

I like coffee. Especially Tim Horton’s coffee. I have K-Cups filled with the stuff. I also really like Shakeology because it gives me real energy, not the small caffeine burst that coffee doe…

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This is my year, my time to shine. I've never wanted this more than I do now. I'm almost 30 and weigh more than I ever have before. I have a goal and a dream I want to live, and I'm not letting my weight hold me back anymore.